Welcome to the Trottier School list of services, events, fundraisers, etc. For information about school lunches, teachers and school activities, please go to the Trottier school website.

Trottier Chairs

Marnie Hoolahan, Chair      
Open, Co Chair    
Holly Salvi, Treasurer 


Volleyball Marathon (March)

Trottier’s major fundraiser. Students solicit pledges from family and friends to participate in a day of volleyball, food and fun!

Southborough Sweatshirts 

Trottier has joined the other K-8 schools in selling Southborough sweatshirts for $25 each. Grey hooded sweatshirts are a great way to promote town spirit.

School Pictures

Order individual student and/or class pictures as keepsakes. A portion of sales is returned to the school.



SOS provides the academic and extracurricular year end awards.


Takes place every spring. An exchange between the students of Northboro and Southboro.

Career Day

Every 3 years, Trottier hosts a career day for its students. Speakers are brought in to the school to share information with the students about their chosen careers.

Community Service Club

Community Service Club – programs encourage families to help those less fortunate.

Cultural Arts

Presentations are brought in house to expose students to Art, Music and Literature.

Dance Lessons

Lessons are available to those 6th and 7th grade students who would like to sign up for Dance/Etiquette instruction. It is offered in the evening during the fall. There is a fee for this very popular program. Parent volunteers are needed for each session.

8th Grade Banquet

A special evening for eight graders.

Fun Run

SOS helps to coordinate volunteers and water stations for this event.

Health and Fitness Week

Promotes healthy lifestyles and healthy food choices.

Teacher Appreciation

Each school plans a special way to say thanks to all of its teachers and specialists.

Thursday Newsletter

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