General SOS

All activities coordinated for General SOS raise funds that are distributed across all Southborough schools.

General SOS Officers --

Tessa Herbold- President

Vacant - Co-President

Vacant - General SOS Secretary

Marnie Hoolahan - Treasurer


SOS Calendars

Daily listing of community and K-8 school events. Orders for the calendar are accepted June – Sept. Regular and travel size available. Limited supply of extras available for sale.

June - Sept

Student Directories

Alphabetical listing of all K-8 families who choose to be included. It also includes contact info. regarding teachers, staff, and SOS committee chairs. Limited supply of extra copies available for purchase.

Sept. – Oct.

CARE Program

Compassion Acceptance and Respect for Everyone. A comprehensive anti-bullying anti-teasing initiative started in 2002. The program was developed with the help of school administrators, parent volunteers and the Director of Curriculum and funded in part by SOS as well. Each school has received books, speakers, school-wide workshops and training as part the CARE program. Monthly themes are used at some of the schools during open circle to encourage the principles of CARE.


Gift Card Program                

Families may purchase gift cards at face value through SOS to be used at local retailers, grocery stores, home improvement centers, and restaurants.  SOS orders the gift cards and pays less than face value.  The difference, generally revenues of 2% - 15% for each card purchased, is where SOS earns revenue.  It's simple and easy fundraising!

Gift Card Program fundraisers will be held throughout the year, particularly just prior to the holidays.  Visit the and click on the "shop" tab for a complete list of vendors.


SOS Reimbursement

Complete the form for SOS expenses incurred for activities. Expenses should be approved by the Event Chair, reviewed by the School Treasurer, forwarded to the SOS Treasurer who will cut a check ASAP.